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Giving so much good advice in 1 hour is huge! The knowledge of the game is perfect down to the smallest detail. Thank you Maniika!
Awesome course ! The questions I had had their answers ! I will resume coaching very regularly. Ouahleouff is really laid and professionnal.
MRFR4NK3NST3IN - Clash Royale
Good coach! Rawlic is friendly and attentive. He gives really informative advice, with the right methods to have. I recommend
XVEEN4X - Fortnite
Excellent coach! It will give you the best tips to improve you will see a clear improvement in your game after its passage !!
FLEXIA - eFootball PES 2020
I took advantage of Faykow's inexpensive services. He knew how to adapt to my needs, taking into account my current level (1850 ~) and my objectives
KAOKOR - Rocket League
Great coaching, we immediately understand what is wrong. Nothing like exercise through practice. Very fast ranked results!
DATSENA - Apex Legends
My FIFA coach immediately detected my weaknesses. I still have three more hours of classes with Mino7x, it'll do it to beat my buddies.
Olivier U. - FIFA 20
I often play but I don't progress anymore, so I tested the service by taking 5 hours. I'm a beast on FUT thanks to Vitality Maestro.
Serge D. - FIFA 19
My parents offered me two hours for my birthday. It's really great to be coached by a professional player like G4B Pickiss! Thank you.
Nabil S. - Fortnite

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Playing video games must remain above all a pleasure !

All our coaches are sensitized to educate children about good practices, such as the ideal conditions for playing, controlling the time spent, or the limits to be set. Don't hesitate to share with your children to accompany them in a responsible use of video games at home, even better share a part with them !
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