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Hello ! I’m Fardhino, 22 years old, and I’m a Pro FIFA Player for Team Flash.
I am ranked 59th in the world for FIFA 20. Through my love for football, I started playing FIFA at a young age. I started playing FIFA in 2004 and competitively since 2016. Some of my best finishes in my career are displayed down below!
I am proud and happy to be have joined a professional club like PSG, one of the biggest club in Europe, to help young players improve their game and maybe one day become one of the world’s best FIFA players.
I have been passionate about FIFA since young and I started playing competitively when I realise I was very good online. I started my professional journey when I signed for Team Flash in September 2018. I won the FIFA Online 4 EA Champions Cup 2018 which was part of the FIFA Global Series 2019 and decided to branch out to FIFA 20 the following season. In FIFA 20, I had my best season so far by finishing 59th in the world, qualifying for FUT Champions Cup 3 Atlanta and finishing 4th in the EA Summer Cup Series Asia.

If you’re looking to improve in Weekend League for an Elite rank and good rewards, you’re finding for the right person as I have countless weekly Top 100 finishes in FIFA 20. I hope to be able to share my knowledge of the game which will help you improve your Weekend League ranking and also the bragging rights when you destroy your friends in FIFA!

Course outline:

  1. We will play 2 games while on a discord call. I will be able to give you real time tips and post match feedback with the in game footage that I will be capturing from our games.
  2. I will be reviewing and providing feedback on your attacking and defending style so that you can tweak it to further improve it.
  3. I will go through your squad and advice improvements to suit the FIFA 21 meta.
  4. I will be suggesting custom tactics, instructions and formations that is suited for your style of play.


Qualified for FIFA 20 FUT Champions Cup Stage III Atlanta
FIFA Online 4 EA Champions Cup Winter 2018 Champion
FIFA 20 Summer Cup Series Asia Top 4

Average Rating

20 €
per hour

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