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Amazing person and coach, definitely knows whats he is coaching and How to deliver in a simple way. Will book more sessions for sure

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Read all reviews

Amazing person and coach, definitely knows whats he is coaching and How to deliver in a simple way. Will book more sessions for sure


Hello everybody!

I'm Haroun Yassin, many know me in the Fifa scene as SYHarounAT or simply Haroun. I'm 21 years old, a pro FIFA player, Youtuber, Streamer and a coach in
Paris Saint Germain Academy Esports. I've been playing Fifa since I've been a kid and professionally since FIFA 2018.
I’ve represented big teams such as Redbull Salzburg , Lask Linz and Nasr Esports In several events and was able to win the eBundesliga 2019 with RBS as well as taking part in the eChampions League 2019.
In FIFA 20 I've represented Nasr Esports in The eclub World cup and we reached top 8. Also i got more than 20 times top 100 and 13 times 30/0 in FIA20. Finishing the FIFA20 season as the 29th ranked Player in global rankings on Xbox.

My training method is straight to the point I will teach you to make the right decision at the right exact moment, I will teach you my tactics and techniques.
This will be done following simple steps:

  • We will have a small discord interview to hear your side of the story, for example your strengths and weaknesses or what do you think needs to change.
  • We will play against each other and record the matches for further analysis.
  • We will build your team together in the best way possible.

I have a great respect for the PSG team and I take great pride at the fact that no matter how small my addition might be for this great club my name will be somehow connected to the history and the future of the Paris Saint-Germain.

I was a gold 2 player in FIFA 18 and at the end of the season i reached couple times top 100. So i had to share my experience how i reached that level on my YT Channel and most of my followers who mostly reached gold in the weekend league were able to achieve Elite after reaching out to me and getting some feedbacks which i shared with them in livestreams or in Videos.
When it comes to defending and composure im the right person in charge. Also holding possession and i do skills alot im sure you will benefit from it.
I focus always on development in Defending because defending is the hardest part in Fifa as in real football, how to keep your composure while playing, how to keep the ball and indeed how to finish your chances.

Course outline:

  • First thing will do is a short interview on Discord and i'm gonna ask you where do you think your weakness are ? what bothers you while playing? when do you get nervous? etc …
  • We will play two Matches against each other . I will record the first game after its finished ill invite you to a party in discord and i will analyse the whole match for you. We will play the second match after analysing the first one and im gonna see if there is a difference to see if you understood what i analysed and told you in the party.
  • After we are finished from playing I’ll help building your team in the best way possible.
  • I will teach the Most Effective Skills i use while playing and when to use them .
  • I will teach you how take the right decision in the right time (finishing, tackling,passing).

إذا كنتم تواجهون صعوبة في التعرف على تفاصيل الحجز من اجل جلسات التدريب معي
تستطيعون هنا مشاهدة الفيديو التوصيفي و الذي اشرح به عن عملية تثبيت الحجوزات
وإذا كنتم تريدون الاستفادة من الخصومات يستوجب عليكم شراء باك ال٥ او ال ١٠ ساعات


Ebundesliga TeamChampion 2019
Top 8 Eclub World Cup 2020
Top 48 eChampions League 2019
Top 29 in the global rankings on XBOX 2020 , TOP 21 in EU


Fifa 21 | رسمياً انضممت كمدرب لاكاديمية احد اكبر اندية اوروبا مين النادي ؟؟؟😱🔥 🇫🇷 فيفا ٢١


Fifa 21 | افضل ٣ تشكيلات حتى نهاية اللعبة 🔥😱(442(2),532,4312) فيفا ٢١ , Best 3 Formations in Fifa 21 !!!


Average Rating



Amazing person and coach, definitely knows whats he is coaching and How to deliver in a simple way. Will book more sessions for sure
والله العظيم استفدت منه كثير و انصحى الناس يختارو هارون والله ما بتدمو مدرب عظيم وراح احذ كم حصه عشان يتطور لعبي ♥️♥️♥️♥️👍
It's the best
كوتش راقي وشرح وافي ،،لا تتردد
It was very helpful and I learned from my mistakes.Haroun delivers the information in an excellent manner and he was so nice and friendly
شكراً جداً على التدريب نفعني من اول فيم ماشاءالله
فعلا احسن مدرب، استفدت جدا
مدرب ممتاز و انصح فيه انا كان مشكلتي الاتصال ضعيف و تساعد معي و عطاني وقت بدا الي ضاع بسبب الاتصال وما قصر والله تعامل 5 نجوم و اخلاق و تدريب كل شي ممتاز
شكراً كتير على الدروس القيمة يلي استفدنا منها كتير
اتمنى لك التوفيق ياكوتش هارون شرح جدا اسطوري، يعلمك اخطائك ويخليك تعدلها شكرا كوتش هارون ♥️🙏🏻.
شكراً كتير معلم هارون مدرب اسطوري
Great session!
درس جدا مفيد انصح الجميع بالتدرب مع هارون من درس واحد راح تغير امور كثير في لعبك شكرا جدا هارون وماراح تكون الاخيرة باذن الله 🌹
ماقصرت والله كان الشرح واضح ومفيد بصراحة وعرفت كل اغلاطي من اول مباراة بالتوفيق هارون
A friendly person and a nice productive session
From the first lesson he is so professional i like him so much thank you So much Haroun
بكل صراحة انصح الكل ياخذ عنده لانك مابتطلع من الحصة الا وانت مستفيد ولو سويت الي يقلك عليه بتطور اكيد هذا غير اسلوبه وتعامله الجميل
Very excellant
يا اخوان هارون وبس
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