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Hello, I’m Poacher!

I am 21 years old and I’ve played FIFA at a pro level for 6 years now working for teams such as AS Roma, Fnatic and now PSG where I am a PSG Academy ESports coach. It is a great honour to represent a club with such prestige in the real football world. I’ve coached some of the best talents out there and have had a lot of experience competing at the highest level of FIFA. I coached tekkz at his first live event in Barcelona which he won and taught him some of my tricks prior to his success which helped him at the beginning. Alongside that my gameplay from the start was always high paced with skills which makes my gameplay very appealing and I will be able to teach you what skills to use and when to use them appropriately. I also place highly in FUT Champions every year so if you want to progress up the ranks I will be able to help you.

As I said before my strength is my attack so I will be able to help you with the following :

  • How to create chances
  • The best way to get in the box
  • Best skill moves
  • When to execute specific skill moves
  • Passing patterns
  • When to shoot
  • Shooting angles
  • Set peices

In defence I will help you :
  • When to tackle
  • When to change player
  • How to read opponents
  • How to defend on the edge of the box

I will also be able to help you build your team so it is competitive and also help you with your custom tactics and instructions.
We will go into a game or two and play eachother. Then we will talk on discord about what you can do better and your errors.
After the lesson I will give you things to work on and how to work on them. For example any skill moves you need to learn or a specific thing you can focus on when playing your next games of fifa.

Unfortunately I will not be doing any players who use playstation as I only have an Xbox account this year.


Top 1 Gfinity Elite Series (Coach)
Top 1 FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup Barcelona (Tekkz coach)
Top 2 FIFA 15 Gfinity Play Like A Legend Season 3
Top 16 FIFA 16 Gfinity Play Like A Legend Season 1
Top 16 FIFA 17 ESWC 16
Top 16 FIWC Finals FIFA 17 (Coach)
Top 32 FIFA 17 Paris Regional Finals
Top 64 FIFA 18 FUT Champions Cup Barcelona
Top 64 FIFA 19 FUT Champions Cup Bucharest

Average Rating

35 €
per hour

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