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I am Shiaan Rugbeer, a 21 year old professional fifa e-sports player and coach from South Africa.

I have been in E-Sports since the age of 12 , I have played competitively and coached from the age of 16. During my years as a player I have gained a lot of experience by qualifying for many international events and playing against the best players in the world such as Tekkz and Dossary. I was the first person to represent my country at the E-Nations live event. I also played in a few international events in Doha Qatar in fifa 17 , Amsterdam in fifa 18 , Bucharest in fifa 19 aswell as London over the years.

I believe that consistency is key ,if you are consistent you will become the best and as you can see I have qualified for an event in every single fifa which screams consistency. Whilst at these live events i gained valuable experience which i could share with you and help take your game to the next level. Even though i am now a coach i also play the game in order to learn new things and keep updated with the new meta skills and tactics to use in game. I think that hard work beats talent and as such if you’re willing to put in the time and effort with me , i guarantee you will be seeing positive results from the get go. After all nothing good in life comes easy.

Personally my strengths are attacking football because i believe it is more exciting and enjoyable to use, i believe that the best defence is a good offense. I specialise in driblling past my opponents using the meta skill moves. You do however need to know how to defend, this is where we can go over a few tactics depending on how you play and come up with personal strategies made specially for you to use. With me i promise to get you those few extra wins in Weekend league that you’ve wanted for a long time. Fifa is always changing with new patches and updates and it is important to adapt to these changes by learning the new meta moves to get past your opponents.
With me you will be able to go over your previous games and figure out why you lost a match and how we can prevent it from happening again in the future. We will analyse multiple games and come up with a strategy and game plan that is best suited for you as an individual, i will also give you many sets of different tactics in order to see which one you enjoy the most. I will also teach you how to master specific skills that i feel everyone should know in order to become a better player such as the elastico, step overs etc. I promise at the end of each session you will start to see progress in your attacking and defensive abilities.

I am very proud to represent PSG as a e-sports coach , this is a very big opportunity and I am grateful that I am going to be a part of this new project. I’ve always been amazed by PSG and now for me to represent them is a dream come true. I believe in this new training method as it allows casual gamers to become better and actually compete with everyone else. I admire the professionalism showed in this club and how focused and eager everyone is to start. Im just happy to be included in this exciting journey ahead and cannot wait to get started.

Once the session begins :

  1. Firstly we will either play 2 games against each other or we could watch 2 of your fut champs games together , whichever you prefer.
  2. Secondly we will then speak over discord about the games.
  3. Next we will break down each segment of each game and look and try identify any problem areas.
  4. Once we have identified the problems , i can give you tips on how to solve the problem areas whether it be defending or even problems attacking.
  5. Next we can look at other aspects which affect your skill for example your team , we can ensure you have the best value for coin teams.
  6. Depending on the problems we identify i can give you a few training drills to do in order to overcome the problems.
  7. Before the session ends , i will give you a few tasks or goals to reach…this will help track the progress you make whilst training with me.
  8. I gurantee you , you will start seeing progress almost instantly if you stick with me.


1st place in the 2018 VS Gaming FIFA tournament ( biggest ever tournament in my country)
Top 16 Doha Qatar Fifa E-World Cup ROW FIFA 17
Top 32 E-Nations live event FIFA 19
Top 64 FIFA 18 Champions cup Amsterdam
Top 64 PGL FIFA 19 Masters Bucharest

Average Rating

25 €
per hour

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