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Hello everyone,
I’m Mohamed Essam, (Bn Essam), I'm 21 years old and I’m a Clash Royale professional player and now Coach for PSG Academy Esports 🔴🔵
I started playing Clash Royale 5 years ago. I used to play the game for fun first, but I have started playing competitively because of the development of my gameplay by practicing day after day.

Then I turned to the path of professionalism completely, where I found enjoyment. I gained many experiences, whether from the online tournaments on the stage locally. I played international online tournaments with the Egyptian national team and other teams in competition such as the GZG world cup tournament, World Royale League, Bet E-Sports and GKR Leagues Honor Division.
I have currently 800 000 cards won in grand challenges, which helped me to develop my gameplay, master so many decks and make some new successful decks.
On the ladder, I have some great world finishes like 80 & 130. I’m playing against the best every day.
I will now help you as much as possible as a PSG Academy Esports coach!

Why take a Clash Royale coaching session with me?

As a PSG Academy Esports coach 🔴🔵, I have a qualification program and a methodology to help you develop your gameplay.
I’ll help you make the perfect ladder deck for you or several decks. With my experience in competitive matches, I can prepare you very well and help you to understand how to manage the pressure and your gameplay to win as many games as possible!

Course outline

There is different ways to do a coaching session:

  • We can focus on the ladder
  • We can also focus on challenges.
  • We can train in dual matches, Koth (King of the hill) or Bo3/5.

We can more precisely focus on:
  • Improving your elixir management.
  • How to pressure your opponent to take advantage of his mistakes.
  • Improving your reaction speed to act better in less time.

When you have let me know what you want to do after your booking here on the website, you’ll add me on Discord and we will start the session.
Of course I’m fully prepared for anything you want during the session. Just feel free to tell me what your goals are.
I also must know what decks you used to play before. Just send me a picture of your game profile or your in game #. During the training session, your games are evaluated, and your mistakes are reviewed in my notes to work on improving them.
After the session, just repeat what we did during the session, you will find a noticeable difference, of course, and never hesitate to ask me about anything you want.


Top 1 GZG World cup with Egypt
Top 1 BME 250$
Top 1 7D Rumble Qualifiers
Top 1 GG Tour
Top 1 2019 Insomnia Egypt Festival offline 200$
Top 2 eSport Summit 205$
Top 2 Gamers Without borders 400$
Top 3 2019 DGL offline 300$
Top 3 2019 Realme cup offline
Top 8 World Royale League with Egypt
Top 80 Global Ladder finish

Average Rating

20 €
15 €
per hour

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