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I’m den, French player from the south of France. In life, I’m 26 years old, I’m a strategy consultant for fun and hearthstone coach as a profession. Or the other way around, sometimes it blends.

Regarding Hearthstone, I started in late March 2014 and am legend all seasons since April 2014 (season 1) with a different deck each season. I am listed in the top 100 players of ladder 2017, and make top 100 regular in ladder when my schedule allows me to devote time to it (ended the month of December 2018 #19 in Europe).

I joined the Gamers Origin team in early 2018 and I manage the team and the training program of the HCT team (Trec, Gallon and Purple). Professional and amateur player coaching is very different, and for Gamersorigin, I focus on much more psychological or mathematical aspects of the game. As part of the coaching of amateur players, I often try to convey a way of seeing the game, and a method that allows to adapt to its environment in the most different situations.

As a coach, I would call myself very analytical, I focus a lot on how to approach the game and think more than the actual result. I am convinced that by playing well, the result necessarily comes at a time.

I can give the courses in French, English, Spanish or Italian.

If your goal is only to pass legend, I make plans based on the current rank you’re in. The hours are not counted until the objective is met. Contact me to discuss it together if you are interested.

For more information about me, I invite you to visit my social networks or read what I wrote at Judgehype.

My goal as a coach is to help you progress in order to achieve positive and consistent results in ranked and tournament.

My method is simple, teach you to think and build a game based on what is in front of you and what happened during the game. This is to build an advantage over your opponent and to never be late in a game.


This method goes from the construction of your deck to the lethal that will make you become a legend by going through the matchups, the mulligans, the value of the cards and any other notions necessary to achieve your goal

One can even go further and work on anticipating what your opponent can do and trying to be ahead of him when you master the basics.

You can find deck guides on: in the "strategies" section.

How to do it?


During a lesson, we will work to find out what major deflections are blocking your progress and how to resolve them to reduce the number of bad plays you could play.

This starts with the construction of your deck and the general idea behind the cards you have chosen, the ones that work, the ones that don’t work and why.

Once the construction is complete, we get into the parts and the analysis of your plays and the reasons why you play more than any other given the objective you have in the match.

If you master all these bases, we can get into the most complicated phase, the ancitipation of what your opponent can do, in an effort to win games faster and prevent your opponent from returning once you have established your dominance on the game.

Deckbuilding Guide:

Decision Making Guide:


If the method remains the same, the arena nevertheless requires a different know-how, especially during the draft and get the greatest value from each of your cards.

Anticipation is less important given the random character of the arena and the potential presence of any card in your opponent’s hand. But some basic rules must still be respected.

I recommend a minimum of 2 to 3 hours for a session on the arena in order to have time to work on the draft and make a complete arena.

Guide on the arena:

See you soon, Den


2019 : Bordeaux Geek festival : Vainqueur (Joueur)
2019 : WESG : Purple Vainqueur (Coach)
2019 : DreamHack Tour : Trec Vainqueur (Coach)
2019 : Master's Tour Las Vegas : Gallon top 2 (Coach)
2019 : ECN hearthstone : Top 4 (Joueur /Coach)
2019 : Armaconvention : Top 8 (Joueur)

Average Rating

15 €
per hour

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