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Heyo! I’m BananaMan most people call me ''Leo''.
I'm 24 years old. I am known as the only Brazilian in the European scene, I've been playing Rocket League since it came out 6+ years ago. I have traveled a lot to compete. I've won many tournaments whether it was online or offline. I've been top 100 throughout many seasons in 2v2 and 3v3 leaderboards.
I have lost a lot too because that is part of the learning process otherwise we'll never grow without losing. I've also been part of many big and small orgs, I have teamed with many great players throughout this crazy journey ranging from superstars like Mognus and even legends like Markydooda, I was also very fortunate to learn a few things here and there from other coaches like Majowww (Brazilian RLCS coach) and Virge (former Dignitas coach).
Now with the opportunity of being Rocket League PSG Academy Esports 🔵🔴 coach I get to stay connected with a game that I love and I will do anything in my power to make sure you succeed whether that's inside the pitch or outside of it. If other people can succeed, why can't you?

Why take a RL coaching sessions with me?

What should you expect of me? As a player I've always learned to adapt and fill any role that needs to fill. I never cared to be the star player, as long as my team won that's all that mattered.
I'm an all around player whatever area of your gameplay needs attention we'll focus on that.
Here are my strengths:

  • As a former freestyler from years 2015 to 2017 (Very good with mechanics)
  • Be at the right place at the right time (Positioning)
  • Make sure every roll is filled whether it's striking, defending, midfield (Rotations)
  • Never have 0 boost (Boost Management)
  • Avoid double committing, when should you make a play? (Awareness)
  • Many other aspects of the game like communication
  • We can also focus on mental fortitude, be humble, be confident, be brave, lose as a team, win as a team.
  • Wanna get SuperSonicLegend and climb leaderboards? We can do that too.

If I haven't listed something that's in your mind, please shoot me a message where it's most convenient for you and we'll discuss it.

Course outline
Everyone learns at a different pace, the first thing I would do is ask what rank are you?
Hop into a 1v1 match and put yourself in the most awkward scenarios to gauge your skill!
2 replays you feel you played well. 2 replays where you feel you played bad.
Talk about areas you're lacking and areas where you feel you need help with
Make a training regime and targets for us to achieve together.


Top 9-12 RLCS Season 8 Finals (coach) ($12000)
Top 1 EpicLAN 26 (player) ($1050)
Top 1 EpicLAN 27 (player) ($750)
Top 1 EpicLAN 28 (player) ($500)
Top 1 Multiple online weekly tournament (ESL, Gfinity, etc.) (player) ($400)
Top 2 AMD Masters 2019 Summer Finals (player) ($350)
Top 3 TCS eSports League Season 5 Finals (player) ($660)
Top 3 Gfinity Elite Series Season 3 (player) ($6600)
Top 4 TCS eSports League Season 6 Finals (player) ($1350)
Top 9 Gfinity Elite Series Season 4 (player)

Average Rating

22 €
per hour

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