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Hello! My name is Dan Hypher I’m 18 years old and I have been playing Rocket League since its release in 2015.
I have always loved helping others within this game, so I decided to get into coaching to connect and help out other players. I’m now proud to represent Paris Saint-Germain Academy Esports as a coach 🔴🔵
After 6000 hours of grinding to become pro I eventually found my way to the highest level. Becoming pro in this game was something I had always dreamed of and it seemed so crazy imagining it but I always had a feeling deep down that I would get there, there was never a doubt in my mind. It’s been a lot of hard work but I enjoy rocket league so much and will never get bored of it.

Why take a Rocket League coaching session with me?

In my course I would be able to point you guys in the right direction of following my footsteps in becoming pro. I feel like my course would be extremely helpful to any player as I can give you insight on how pros look at the game and how they make it a lot easier on themselves even without the best mechanics.
I believe I will give a different point of view on how you can play this game, with hundreds of hours of pro replay analysis I see rocket league as almost a chess game and I pretty much always know the right move, and I can help you guys understand this throughout my session to be able to outsmart your opponents afterwards by a mile.
On the other side of it, mechanics are something I can help with and also focus on, if you want to see some examples of my mechanics and show what you guys could be working towards check a video or 2 out @Chippy_RL on tiktok 🙂 If you were to take this course I can promise you will be flying up the ranks afterwards!

Course outline:

The course will consist of a 5 minute debrief to start it off, to hear anything you have to say about your own gameplay before we start and to tell you what we are going to focus on in the session. I will then add you on Epic Games and we will play a 1v1 against each other so I can get a feel for how you play and give you some tips, we will then go into a 2v2 or 3v3 game together and then watch the replays so I can go into depth with the analysis of our games and how you played.

I will also give you some training packs I think are suited to what needs improvement in your game. I will run over th4 shits/saves with you and help make any corrections to the techniques being used. I will also give advice and tips throughout the whole session along with a 5 minute debrief at the end of the session where I can give you overall advice on how to improve your game after I’ve seen everything. Along with the notes I would have written down for you so you can take those away from our session and focus on them.


Top 1 Rocket clash ($3000)
Top 7-8 RLCSX Winter split regional 3 ($3000)
Top 9-12 RLCSX Winter split regional 1 ($3000)
Top 12 RLCSX Spring split GRID EU ($3000)
Top 13-16 RLCSX Spring split regional 2 ($1500)
Top 17-24 RLCSX Winter split regional 2 ($1000)

Average Rating

20 €
per hour

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