How long is a course ?

Each lesson lasts 1 hour. If you want to switch to intensive mode you can accumulate 2 hours of classes in a row. The coach and the gamer are required to respect the class schedule. Everyone must be ready and connected at the agreed time.

How is a course ?

A typical course is 5 minutes of briefing, 10 minutes of demo or explanation from exercises, 20 minutes of supervised practice, 15 minutes of a 1-on-1 situation, and finally 10 minutes of debriefing and rating.

How to use messaging ?

Once your course is booked, you can discuss directly with your coach via the mail that is in your profile page to prepare your course. As soon as you have a new message, you receive an email.

Where to find my classes ?

You can view all information about your upcoming or completed courses in your profile page.

How to postpone a course for free ?

You have the possibility to postpone a reserved course without condition up to 48 hours before starting it. After this time, the course can’t be postponed. The postponement request is made in the upcoming course section of your profile page. Your account is then credited for the course not performed. You then have the possibility to select another time slot with the same coach.

How to use a pack ?

Each pack (5, or 10h) has a maximum duration of 6 months. It is necessarily attached to the selected coach at the time of purchase. It can not be used to book a course with another coach than the coach selected beforehand. Your User Account is credited with the number of hours purchased. You use the time credit allocated to your pack to pay for your lessons with your coach.

How to use a gift card ?

The GamerCoach Gift Card is a prepaid card, valid for one year from the date of purchase. It can be used to book courses with any Coach listed on the GamerCoach platform. The Gift Card is materialized by an order confirmation email indicating the amount credited and containing a personal code that can be used on the platform at the time of course payment. After registration and creation of a user account, the Card can be used for the first time with the associated code. The balance remaining if there is a balance, will be automatically credited and mentioned on the user account.

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